“The Heartbreaking Tale of a Tick-Infested Stray Puppy: Overcoming Pain and Sickness to Find Hope”

Rescuers in Donna, Texas were left shocked when a tick-infested dog was brought into a remote animal shelter on Tuesday. The puppy had been living on the streets of Texas and was severely neglected to the point where it was close to death. Luckily, a stranger found the dog in their yard and contacted Dallas Dog – Rescue. Rehab. Reform. The poor pup was covered in ticks from head to toe, making it difficult to even see its body. Ticks were found all over its ears, chest, back, and paws. Despite the dire situation, the rescuers took on the challenge to save the dog’s life.

The poor woman was extremely weak due to her anemia that she could barely remain upright. She had to be transported to the hospital immediately, where she received vital medical care and a transfusion of blood. The animal rescue group, Dallas DogRRR-Rescue.Rehab.Reform, shared the heartwarming story on their Facebook page, detailing how the stray dog approached a stranger’s house to seek help.

“Today might be the turning point for her fate…” Amora, the adorable canine, was taken to the rescue’s affiliated vet clinic. Her condition is considered severe, and the crew will collaborate to ensure her health is stable before flying her to Dallas. There is no clear outlook on her recovery. Please be advised that the following footage contains graphic content and may not be suitable for everyone.”

Exciting news came in the following morning! A source on the ground reported that “Mi Amor” had made it through the night and was now being tended to by the hospital staff. They were preparing to feed her and more ticks had arrived. Although they welcomed my help with cleaning her, I decided to wait until the office was ready. This morning, they will perform another CBC test to determine if she needs additional transfusions. I requested that they inform us as soon as possible if she needs to be transferred to another facility for further care. The remaining ticks were removed that same day, and after a few days, Amora was ready for fostering. A volunteer from Dallas Dog-Rescue.Rehab stepped forward to adopt her, and her foster mom recalls how frightened she was when they first met. Despite their initial struggle to coax her out of the car, they eventually brought her home. Although they were cautious about introducing her to their own dogs, they were eager to get to know her better.

As I sat on the floor with her, she shook uncontrollably and hissed at the unfamiliar faces in the room. However, as time passed, she grew more accustomed to their presence and began to mimic their actions. My German Shepherd, Ava, quickly befriended her and even taught her how to relieve herself outside. Thanks to Ava’s guidance, we haven’t had any accidents indoors. While she still runs for cover when scared, she is slowly learning to explore the house on her own. Our goal is to help her overcome her fears of car trips, harnesses, being held, and baths. She thrives in the company of humans or other dogs and craves constant companionship.

After spending a year with her foster mother, Amora was able to find her permanent home. Fortunately, she gets to spend quality time with her brother who is also her best friend. To top it off, she gets to accompany her father to work every day!

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