The Extraordinary Tale of the World’s Most Unattractive Canine: Conquering Obstacles and Discovering Bliss

Every creature is adorably distinct, with its own set of characteristics that distinguishes it from the rest and makes it truly special.
Meet Newt, a charming little pup with a rather distinctive face resembling that of a “grumpy old man”. His unique appearance is attributed to a large scar inflicted upon him by his mother at birth. As a cub, she accidentally bit his face, resulting in the loss of the entire top portion of his snout.

After his original owners found it too costly to continue providing medical treatment for him, Newt found himself in the care of the New York Bully Crew shelter in Texas. However, as one chapter closed, another one opened for this lucky pup. Liesl Wildhart, the compassionate founder of Luvable Dog Rescue and Animal Sanctuary, welcomed Newt into her loving home. With a simple name change from Brute to Newt, Liesl brought him to her residence in the city of Eugene, Oregon, in the United States.

Liesl’s encounter with Newt came about thanks to the wonders of social media. One day, while scrolling through her Instagram feed, she stumbled upon adorable images and videos of Newt that immediately captured her heart. It was love at first sight, and Liesl knew she had to make him a part of her family. As an entrepreneur, she decided to adopt Newt as her own beloved pet.

Interestingly, Newt is not the only furry companion in Liesl’s household. He now joins his two doggy brothers, Picasso and Wacku, who have been under Liesl’s care for some time. These lovable canines have formed a tight-knit bond, making their home a hub of canine joy and companionship.

To document their adventures and share their adorable moments with the world, Liesl has created an Instagram account dedicated to Newt and his companions. Through this account, you can catch a glimpse of their travels and the precious memories they create together. So, if you’re in need of a daily dose of cuteness, be sure to follow their Instagram escapades.

In the beginning, he struggled with adjusting to the changes, but now he finds joy and contentment in his life alongside his owner and his canine companions. A recent facial surgery has given him a unique appearance resembling that of an amphibian, earning him the endearing nickname of a “grumpy old guy” on social media.

While there are certain tasks he needs assistance with, such as eating, it poses no problem as his devoted owner is always available to lend a helping hand. “I have to personally feed him every meal because he struggles to get the food into his mouth, and it’s important to prevent him from overeating as it can lead to him regurgitating it,” shared Liesl in an interview with Metro.

Newt and his siblings all have facial disfigurements. Wacku has lost his snout, while Picasso has a deformed face. According to Newt’s owner, Liesl, he was a perfect addition to her family of dogs. From the very beginning, everyone in the family adored him. Despite his disfigurement, Newt is a lively and playful puppy. However, he is also intelligent and shows respect towards the other dogs in the family.

Liesl has a soft spot for dogs like Newt because they have a zest for life. She believes that when given a loving home, these dogs fully embrace life and do not dwell on what they have lost. In her interview, Liesl emphasized that these dogs have a positive attitude and do not feel sorry for themselves. Instead, they live in the present and make the most out of every day.

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