The Desperate Stray Dog: An Earnest Plea for Help Amidst a Glimmer of Hope

In a recent occurrence, a collection of heartwarming pictures surfaced in the media, portraying a dog energetically following soldiers on their patrol duty. These captivating images swiftly captured the attention of individuals spanning various countries, such as Korea, Japan, Thailand, and Vietnam, evoking both curiosity and fascination about the narrative behind this remarkable incident.

Several individuals on the internet have expressed their speculations that the canine in question might be a wandering dog who managed to grab the soldiers’ interest in the course of their mission and chose to accompany them willingly.

In an interesting twist, Los Tiempos brings to light that the mesmerizing photographs were captured by none other than talented photographer Luis Fernando Chumacero during the quarantine period in Tupiza, Bolivia. These captivating images depict a military vehicle on patrol, diligently upholding health regulations to ensure public safety.

Gorda, the beloved canine companion, is not just another homeless dog wandering the streets. She is a cherished member of the barracks, living and training alongside the soldiers in each unit. Colonel Luis Pacheco, the Director of Army Logistics IV Department, proudly shares that Gorda holds a special place as an emblem for their division. Something extraordinary happened when the Covid-19 pandemic struck – Gorda voluntarily started tagging along with the pandemic troops during their patrols.

As the soldiers spotted Gorda’s excitement to join them, they promptly seized his “brother” and followed suit. By sheer luck, a photographer managed to capture this unexpected moment. Right as Gorda jumped into the vehicle, another gray dog swiftly appeared and joined in. This additional canine companion is known as Multicam and proudly serves as the division’s mascot.

In the course of the conversation, certain modifications were applied to the picture showcasing the delightful presence of two canines. It is my genuine hope that online viewers indulge in the utmost admiration for the undeniable charm exuded by both dogs, acknowledging their remarkable ability to spread joy amidst the ongoing pandemic.

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