Sweet Dog endures a massive salivary tumor for 6 long years, as his owners refuse to seek veterinary care

After going unnoticed by its previous owners for an astonishing six years, a delightful dog is finally receiving veterinary care for its massive salivary tumor. According to the rescue group Log Way Home, Jake was beloved by his former family, but they failed to take him to a doctor when his face started to swell.

“According to the owners, Jake has been dealing with a salivary tumor for a remarkable six years, which they believe was caused by a radio bite. Despite being raised as an indoor dog, he displays exceptional behavior, being potty-trained, friendly with other dogs, and even knowing how to shake. This information comes from the organization.”

Following Jake’s discovery wandering in a remote area of Texas last week, Cribs for Capines has taken action to persuade his family to surrender possession so that Jake can receive the necessary veterinary care. Currently being treated in Waco, Jake has already experienced significant relief after having a substantial amount of fluid drained. The organization expresses gratitude towards the excellent staff at the Texas Animal Medical Center in Waco, where Dr. Lide and his colleagues have been diligently treating Jake and extracting 1200 cc of salivary fluid from his beak. (Check out the last two shots to witness the remarkable difference it made!)

“For the FIRST TIME IN SIX YEARS, Jake was able to turn his head. It was such an easy thing to achieve! He is eating and defecating properly, he is in a good mood, and overall, he seems to be behaving well.” According to the agency.
There are no guarantees that Jake will fully recover, but dedicated individuals are tirelessly working to give him the best possible chance. Follow his rescuers on Facebook by clicking here.
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