Reuniting with his beloved pooch: A heartwarming tale of commitment and love.

He made a promise to never leave Titus and stuck to it! Four months ago, Lewis Jimenez faced a tough decision. He had to take Titus, his beloved pit bull, back to the shelter where he first adopted him. Instead of abandoning him like many others, Jimenez made sure to return for Titus as soon as he could. Now, he is determined to make sure they never part ways again. It was love at first sight when Jimenez saw Titus being walked around the yard by shelter volunteers two years ago at the Austin Animal Centre. Though he had not planned on getting a pit bull, he couldn’t resist the charming pup and brought him home.

Jimenez shared with The Dodo that he was elated when he first met Titus, seeing him jumping around and filled with joy thinking, “This is the one for me.” For five years, Lewis and Titus were inseparable, with Lewis considering Titus his own big kid. Sadly, a situation arose last year that led to their separation. Lewis was informed that he couldn’t keep Titus, with the management company threatening eviction if he didn’t part ways with him. With no other place to go and no one to care for Titus, Lewis reluctantly had to return him to the shelter.

The shelter staff were uncertain if Jimenez would return for Titus, as they often hear promises from owners who never come back, according to Olohan.
At the same time, Jimenez struggled to let go of Titus, even though he said it would only be temporary.
Titus had a hard time adjusting to the shelter, appearing miserable, according to Olohan.
Olohan explained, “The shelter is a very stressful environment for dogs. While some dogs handle it well, Titus was not one of them. He was visibly stressed, although he brightened up when he was out of his kennel, showing a playful and sweet side. However, inside the kennel, he appeared sad and lonely.”
Even though Jimenez and his family visited Titus as often as possible, each visit was filled with emotions for everyone.

“Jimenez shared how Titus would get overwhelmed and sad, with volunteers noting that ‘Titus is not himself.’ This only fueled Jimenez’s determination to help him get out of that situation.

The most difficult part of each visit was saying goodbye. Olohan mentioned that the staff would see tears as they left, making the whole situation heart-wrenching.

Despite Titus staying at the shelter for four months, Jimenez never lost hope in finding a way to bring him home.

Eventually, Jimenez and his family were able to move to a place where they could keep Titus. Jimenez expressed gratitude that everything worked out, as now Titus had a garden to explore in his new home.”

“Emotions were running high,” Olohan expressed. “Titus and Lewis were both so happy to be reunited. The staff and volunteers couldn’t help but shed tears of joy. Some knew the backstory and that Lewis had been patiently waiting for Titus.”

The heartwarming reunion was captured in photos that quickly went viral after being posted on the Austin Animal Center’s Facebook page. Jimenez can be seen hugging Titus, who looks absolutely thrilled with a big doggy grin on his face.

“It was truly a whirlwind of emotions,” Jimenez shared. “So many thoughts were going through my mind at that moment.”

Jimenez expressed his gratitude to the shelter staff and volunteers for their dedication to caring for Titus and providing him with love and attention during his time at the shelter. He acknowledged that their efforts bring comfort to the dogs in their care. Titus has since returned to Jimenez and his family, settling back into his old routine at home.
According to Jimenez, Titus is now enjoying lounging on the couch, receiving some leniency for his behavior due to his difficult time at the shelter. Despite this, he is reportedly doing well and the family is overjoyed to have him back. Olohan emphasized Jimenez’s love for Titus, noting that his return was always inevitable due to the strong bond between them.

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