Mother Dog’s Heartwarming Habit of Bringing Soft Toy to Bed Touches Hearts

In this world, there is no bigger love than that of a mother for her children. She is sometimes ready to sacrifice everything so that her babies have all they need and are happy.

This can also be seen in a dogs’ relationship with puppies. Their maternal instinct is so strong in the early period of puppy growth that mother dogs can forget about all other problems and focus only on their babies.

They show their unlimited love in various ways, but some are so heartwarming that they can melt many hearts. This story bears witness to such a touching event.

Her Symbol Of Love

bernese dog at home
Source: @katedmcneil

When Kate brought this dog to their home, she knew that Koda was a special canine. This Bernese Mountain Dog, crossed with a Great Pyrenees, was full of love from the very first day.

However, only recently, when she gave birth to 13 puppies, Kate was truly able to see the amount of love she was carrying in her heart.

Koda showed this with one symbolic act that delighted Kate so much that she couldn’t help but record it and share the video with her followers on TikTok.

The video, which quickly went viral, shows this dog mom taking a stuffed rabbit toy from the hallway and carrying it to her puppies’ warm bed so that they could enjoy its fluffiness.

dog carrying toy in mouth
Source: @katedmcneil

But, at some point, Kate takes it away and brings it back to its rightful place. This mother dog, considering it to be a symbol of love for her children, does not put up with it but finds the soft toy and takes it back to bed again.

mama dog with puppies
Source: @katedmcneil

After several times, the persistent mother manages to keep this toy among her babies, and then the sweetest moment of the video happens. The puppies, in the absence of their mother, bond with the stuffed rabbit and sleep in its arms.

adorable puppy sleeps with toy
Source: @katedmcneil

From that moment, this ordinary toy becomes much more than that – a symbol of love between a mother and her children.

Many Melted Hearts

Kate could not hide her delight at the action of this mother dog. Although she already knew her heart was full of love, this was something that absolutely filled Kate’s soul.

“She is an amazing mom,” Kate told Newsweek. She also revealed that Koda was a mother once before and that this was actually her second litter. However, this time, she showed how special of a dog she really is.

Koda not only delighted Kate but also melted many other hearts. Her video caused numerous reactions, and the comments were more than positive.

comments on social network
Source: @katedmcneil

“That mama had 13 puppies no matter how much love she gives she can’t give it all so the rabbit is another spot the pups can be safe 🥰🥰🥰🥰,” one user wrote.

“Every Koda baby should have a bunny when they go to their forever home,” another one commented.

And, one commenter even joked: “Mom is smart and sweet…it gives the pups a snuggle substitute so she can take a break ❤️🤣🥰.”

Nevertheless, we believe that Mom’s motive was purely based on love. Stories like this always restore our faith in the most sublime emotion in the world, and in the end, that is the most important thing.

True love always finds its path, even in the most unusual ways.

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