How One Girl Fought Off an Army of Ants and Survived Alone in a Desolate Field.

Numerous insects had swarmed her feet, while an army of ants feasted upon her flesh. She was immobilized and cried out in pain. Despite being on a busy street, no one acknowledged her presence.

The rescuer was puzzled by how people could be indifferent towards a distressed dog. Without delay, the rescuer removed some ants from Phoenix’s body and tried to feed her. However, the poor dog refused to eat anything. Determined to help, the rescuer placed Phoenix in their vehicle and drove straight to the hospital.

After undergoing a swift medical evaluation, the doctors suggested that she might have a pelvic fracture and a malignant condition. She was also found to be experiencing severe malnutrition, anemia, and had abnormally low body temperature. Luckily, Phoenix underwent two tests which thankfully yielded negative results.

Initially, the doctors resorted to using medication and serum infusion in order to regulate Phoenix’s body temperature. However, they later opted for a more long-term solution which involved the use of blankets and heating. Unfortunately, it appeared that Phoenix was suffering from nerve damage, which made it difficult for her to control her movements and resulted in frequent convulsions. Despite spending two months in the hospital, Phoenix was only recently able to take a shower, and the entire medical team is working hard to support her through this challenging period.

We were really happy with Phoenix’s progress and determination to continue living life to the fullest.

After three months of being saved, let’s take a look at Phoenix’s progress. She is now in excellent health, with a beautiful and plump physique. Phoenix is living a life that most dogs would envy.

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