How Cheyeanne Murphy’s Dogs Changed Her Life for the Better

Around 10 years ago, Cheyeanne’s mother passed away. She was a young and seemingly healthy woman, but one day she found out she had cancer and a few months later, she was gone.

“When my mom was diagnosed, she was definitely on a different path in life,” Cheyeanne recalls. “She had a business where she worked too many hours. She was living someone else’s dream, not mine, and I thought I had to do the same because that’s what I grew up believing I was supposed to do with my life: make money. When my mom was diagnosed with cancer, I realized that life can change in a day. You’re not guaranteed any amount of time. In reality, you have nothing guaranteed to you.”

Continuing her story, Cheyeanne expresses that although some may find it appalling, she believes the death of her mother was both the best and worst thing that ever happened to her. This tragic event forced her to live in the present from a young age.

With the unwavering support of her beloved dogs – Cash (who has passed away), and later Notorious and Shady – Cheyeanne managed to navigate her way out of the dark abyss of grief. She gradually began rediscovering the joy of truly living once more.

During this transformative period, Cheyeanne made significant changes in her life. She decided to switch careers, relocated to a different place, and put an end to a lengthy relationship. She dedicated an entire year to peeling away the layers of her persona, striving to understand her true self, and envisaging the direction she wanted her life to take. Finding happiness and imparting joy to others became her utmost priority. She firmly believes, with every fiber of her being, that achieving this harmony is indeed feasible.

heartwarming introduction to Notorious, her first rescue pet and her first pet with a disability. It all started when Cheyeanne’s sister shared a link to a Facebook post featuring a tiny dog frolicking in the snow with no use of her back legs. Despite her uncertainties about caring for a special needs animal, Cheyeanne couldn’t resist the pup’s undeniable spirit and energy. Falling head over heels, she bravely decided to apply for adoption. Several months later, Cheyeanne’s dream became a reality when she finally welcomed Notorious into her home.

In Spokane, Washington, there is a dog named Notorious who has found her forever home. It has been eight years since Notorious arrived, and she is still full of happiness and energy. Despite being around nine or ten years old, she even takes part in 5K runs with her wheelchair.

Notorious’s owner, Cheyeanne, shares that as soon as the leash is removed, Notorious dashes down the hill, fearlessly leading the way. Cheyeanne follows, amazed at her dog’s lack of realization that she is disabled. With a chuckle, Cheyeanne remarks that there is no need to remind Notorious of her limitations because she is blissfully unaware.

Cheyeanne also has another dog named Shady, whose love for her was apparent from the moment they met. While most shelter pets take time to warm up to their new owners and surroundings, Shady displayed an immediate trust and affection. Initially, Cheyeanne was considering adopting another “unadoptable” rescue, so Shady, with her lovable nature, didn’t seem like the perfect fit.

When Cheyeanne first laid eyes on Shady, she couldn’t resist the adorable sight of her wagging white tail and her loving nature. She even told the rescue workers that Shady would easily find a home because she was not a difficult-to-place dog. However, she was informed that Shady was considered a special needs dog, making it harder for her to be adopted as people often look for animals with specific roles or purposes.

In the end, both Notorious and Shady found their loving homes with Cheyeanne, proving that each dog has their own unique way of bringing joy and companionship to their owner’s life.

After being abandoned by her previous owners due to a tragic accident where she got hit by a car and lost both her eyes, Shady ended up in the care of a compassionate veterinarian. Despite their best efforts, only one eye could be reattached, leaving Shady with limited vision. To make matters worse, Shady was also considered a senior dog, which made finding her a new home even more challenging.

However, Cheyeanne took a leap of faith and decided to rescue Shady, and she couldn’t be happier with her decision. Cheyeanne describes Shady as one of the most low-maintenance dogs she has ever had. Despite her physical limitations, Shady has effortlessly adapted to her new life and environment. Not only does she shower affection on everyone she meets, but she also gets along harmoniously with people of all ages, as well as other animals like dogs and cats. It’s as if Shady possesses an intrinsic ability to blend in with any situation or company she finds herself in – a true social butterfly who warmly embraces everyone she encounters.

Cheyeanne is a music enthusiast who has a unique way of expressing her love for music: by naming her dogs after famous musicians. Her three beloved canines, Cash, Notorious, and Shady, each bear the names of iconic artists who have made a significant impact on her life. Johnny Cash, The Notorious B.I.G., and Slim Shady (Eminem) serve as inspirations not only for their music, but also for the valuable life lessons that can be gleaned from their experiences.

For Cheyeanne, music has always been a constant companion, providing solace and understanding during the ups and downs of life. It has taught her that everyone faces their own challenges and that she is not alone in her struggles. This realization has become an integral part of her everyday life, a guiding force that motivates her to navigate through life’s trials with resilience and determination.

Driven by her admiration for these music icons, Cheyeanne decided to honor them by naming her canine companions after them. In doing so, she instilled in her dogs a sense of greatness and purpose, always reminding them that they too can become icons despite their humble beginnings. She firmly believes that the journey matters more than the starting point, a sentiment that resonates deeply with her own life experiences.

As these senior dogs approach the later stages of their lives, they continue to bring immense joy, hope, and a sense of purpose to Cheyeanne’s existence. Their presence is not only enriching her life, but also positively impacting the lives of others they encounter along the way.

Undoubtedly, owning rescue dogs with disabilities has presented its fair share of challenges for Cheyeanne. Notorious, in particular, struggles with maintaining control over her bladder, often leaving unexpected messes on the floor. Shady, on the other hand, requires constant supervision around water due to her inability to navigate her surroundings. As a result, finding reliable dog sitters when Cheyeanne needs to travel has proven to be quite a daunting task due to the level of responsibility involved in caring for these unique canines.

Despite the challenges, Cheyeanne remains dedicated to providing the best possible care for her dogs. The unconditional love and strength she receives from Cash, Notorious, and Shady far outweigh any difficulties she may encounter. Their presence serves as a reminder that no matter the obstacles faced, with love and determination, one can overcome any challenge and finish strong.

However, amidst the difficulties, there are undeniably some silver linings that compensate for them, including a few overlooked delights. According to Cheyeanne, one of the remarkable perks is that her dogs are unable to hop onto furniture, which she finds absolutely fantastic.

Cheyeanne’s loyal companions, Notorious and Shady, have always accompanied her on numerous thrilling escapades in the great outdoors. Together, they indulge in activities such as paddleboarding, hiking, participating in 5k (and sometimes even 10k) races – with Shady comfortably nestled in a backpack – and much more. It brings immense joy to the dogs to encounter wildlife and interact with new people along their adventures.

Above all, Cheyeanne realizes that Notorious and Shady serve as a daily reminder that life holds value and that the small moments of happiness are often the most crucial. Witnessing these dogs wake up with genuine joy each day helped Cheyeanne pull herself out of a deeply dark place. It shifted her focus away from self-pity towards something more meaningful. Despite having every reason to harbor resentment towards the world and people, these animals chose not to. This resilience and positivity inspire Cheyeanne greatly.

Cheyeanne desires that her story will inspire others to adopt rescue pets, particularly senior animals or those with disabilities. Although these animals may require a bit more effort and attention, she believes that the rewards are immeasurable. Every bit of work invested in caring for them is undoubtedly worth it. Cheyeanne encourages everyone to give these animals a chance, assuring that doing so will undoubtedly enrich their own lives.

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