Daring rescue pooch embarks on its first mission, expertly saving a stranded dog stuck in mud for a grueling 48 hours

The discovery of a lost dog named “Puppy” after 40 long hours brought about a surge of emotions for both the rescuers and the grateful family involved. Adding to this heartwarming tale is the fact that it was Tino’s inaugural Search and Rescue mission, making the accomplishment even more significant.

Puppy, an adorable 150-pound Great Pyrenees, mysteriously disappeared during a serene horseback ride with his loving owner, Karen James, in the picturesque town of McCleary, Washington. Overwhelmed with worry and unable to find any trace of their furry companion after tirelessly scouring the area for two long, agonizing days, Karen and her family decided to reach out for help. In their desperate quest to bring Puppy back home, they turned to the dedicated team at Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue, hoping for a miracle.

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Tino, an amazing canine trained in Search and Rescue, was enlisted by a non-profit rescue organization to assist in the mission of finding Puppy. Without wasting any time, Tino diligently traced Puppy’s path and eventually discovered him buried in a muddy ravine, which happened to be just a short distance away from his residence. It was an astonishing sight to see only Puppy’s head emerging from the grimy mire.

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Three helpers were able to successfully rescue Puppy. According to a post on Facebook by Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue, “Tino did an amazing job today by finding this elderly dog stuck in the mud.” It seems that Puppy’s hind legs weren’t functioning initially, likely a result of being trapped in the cold mud for an extended period. Since the forests are vast, Puppy’s family may not have been able to locate him without the aid of a search dog. After being placed in a wagon, Puppy was happily reunited with his family at home.

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“He was stuck in the muddy mess,” James shared with Fox 13, his tone relaxed. “We wouldn’t have even noticed him as he had strayed from the usual path.”
“There’s endless stretches of wilderness out there to explore,” his companion chimed in. “We would have never stumbled upon him.”
Tino had undergone extensive training for 16 months under the guidance of Three Retrievers Lost Pet Rescue, making this his inaugural “Walk up find”. It was undoubtedly a monumental achievement!

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