“Against All Odds: A Hungry Puppy Battles a Massive Tumor in Heartbreaking Video”

A poor dog is emaciated and suffering from a tumor that drains all of its vitality. One night in Santa Barbara, we were alerted to this puppy’s condition. It has a massive tumor on its back and was severely malnourished, covered in ticks, and more. The tumor has left its body depleted, and it struggles to stand. Despite this, its face always remained hopeful.

Now, it’s up to us to help. We gave it a pill to get rid of the ticks, but its levels are too low to operate at this time. So, we’re focusing on its recovery before the surgery. Quasito (its new name) is improving every day. We’re feeding it thrice daily and giving it vitamins daily.

Hopefully we can have him operated as soon as possible. He always has excellent spirits and eats very well. His health is good enough for the surgery. We are on our way to the veterinarian. Tomorrow is Quasito’s surgery. Luckily, the tumor is superficial and does not touch any organs. The veterinarian is doing some tests to prepare for tomorrow.

Quasito’s surgery was a complete success. The 10-pound tumor was removed. Our baby, a warrior, has already woken up and is doing well. He receives daily care for his wound to ensure that it doesn’t get infected. He was discharged and returned home. Quasito’s spirit began to shine more brightly every day that passed. Almost full of life, our baby is getting better every day.

After a period of thinness, Quasito’s body is gradually gaining weight. We’re happy to report that the wound has completely healed and we’re now focusing on treating his hemoglobin levels. His heart, previously filled with despair, is now overflowing with love and gratitude. We’ve gladly provided Quasito with a permanent home where he can feel safe and loved.

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