Adorable Pup Left Near Road Fights for Survival Until Encountering Its Heroic Rescuers

Sweet Pup Abandoned Near A Road Struggled To Survive Until Het Met His Wonderful Rescuers

It’s utterly saddening that some heartless people give themselves the right to steal a dog’s greatest dream – the dream of having a family who loves them.

Without the chance to feel the loving touch of a human hand, many canines end up feeling sad and unhappy.

Sandy was one of the dogs who had her heart broken after she was dumped on the side of a road in the middle of nowhere.

Emaciated and without the strength to go on, the dog was lying in tall grass by the road, feeling betrayed by humans.

Just when she was about to give up, her hero found her and brought her hope for a better tomorrow.

An Incredibly Sad Sight

abandoned dog on the side of the road
Source: We Love Animals
A man named David was driving down the deserted road when a heartbreaking sight caught his eye. There was an abandoned pup lying on the roadside.

He immediately parked his motorbike and rushed to her aid. The pup looked heartbroken and dejected. She was all skin and bones.

David was deeply affected by the terrible state she was in, and he couldn’t hold back his tears.

He talked to her, and the pup, later named Sandy, stood up and started wagging her tail. David promised the pooch that she would get better. 

He fed her. Since David couldn’t take Sandy to the vet on his motorbike, they waited for someone to stop and help them.

An hour later, a kind-hearted man offered to give Sandy a ride to the vet.David brought Sandy to the vet clinic, and his partner, Valentina, joined them, too. Both of them were by Sandy’s side, giving her support.

photo of malnourished dog
Source: We Love Animals

Sandy still couldn’t believe that she was shown kindness and compassion.

The pup received a full medical checkup.

Apart from being dehydrated and very underweight, Sandy had a high fever and open wounds. The vet told them that Sandy was most likely used for breeding before she was dumped.

Sandy’s Road To Recovery

hand petting dog's head
Source: We Love Animals

David and Valentina took her home. They made up their mind to nurse her back to health.

The couple watched over her, fearing that they would lose her.

“It was dreadful and we couldn’t sleep. We were very scared that we would wake up and she’d be gone,” Valentina told We Love Animals.

Sandy was appreciative of the affection and care the family gave her. It helped her move forward and fight for her recovery.

Both David and Valentina were impressed with Sandy’s will to live.
vet examining malnourished dog
Source: We Love Animals

After taking a series of tests, the sweet pup was diagnosed with Leishmaniasis – an illness that affects skin, weight, and organs.

The vet advised them to put her down since the treatment was expensive, and there was no guarantee that it would help her.

The family immediately refused to euthanize Sandy, saying that it was never an option. They dedicated themselves to her care, hoping that she would fully recover.

Valentina was convinced that Sandy was never shown affection before.

She and David cuddled her and showered her with love. Sandy became a part of the family. The pup felt safe and adored for the first time in her life.

Living Her Best Life

two dogs lying in sunshine
Source: We Love Animals
Two months after they saved Sandy, the couple rescued a sweet puppy and brought him home.

It was a game-changer for Sandy. She bonded with the fur baby immediately. The two of them spent a lot of time snuggling and playing. They became inseparable.

Sandy’s eyes became filled with joy. She started eating better, and her parents enjoyed watching her thrive.

man and woman with a dog
Source: We Love Animals

The love that Sandy received from her parents and the little puppy gave her the strength to overcome all obstacles that stood in her way.

Sandy enjoyed life to the fullest.

dog sitting on grass
Source: We Love Animals

“We always said love can move mountains. We look at her today and you can’t believe what she went through,” David said.

Sandy’s parents are convinced that the pup was meant to cross their path and come into their life. They feel blessed to have her unconditional love.

Sandy’s face beams with happiness. She lives the life of her dreams with a family that loves her deeply.

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