A woman hears what she believes to be a bird and discovers a kitten by herself sitting in a garden.

A woman heard what she thought was a bird but found a kitten sitting in a garden all alone.

Harvest the kittenMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

Nearly two months ago, Sarah Kelly, the founder of Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue (in North Carolina), was contactedaout a little orphan kitten in desperate need of help.

A concerned citizen heard what sounded like a bird that night and decided to investigate. “She went looking for what she thought was a catbird she heard, but found a kitten instead,” Sarah shared with Love Meow.

The gray tabby was crying nonstop for his mom who was nowhere to be found. He was all alone and his eyes were crusted shut due to an infection. Despite being just pint-sized, he had a set of pipes and a strong will to live.

He was found crying in a garden one nightMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

The next day, they transported the kitten, Harvest (aka Harvey), to Sarah’s rescue. They carefully cleaned his eyes with warm compress and applied cream and drops to help them heal.

“His eyes were badly infected, but we cleaned him up, hoping we were able to catch that in time.”

He had an eye infection and neededaound the clock careMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

24 hours later, Harvey was able to open his eyes and regain his vision without all the gunk and crust. He was placed in an incubator to help regulate his body temperature and given a cuddle toy so he wouldn’t feel alone during bed time.

As Harvey continued to recover and grow, his personality emerged. The little wonder kitten had a mighty voice and wasn’t afraid to use it.

Harvey began to heal and regained his visionMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

When Sarah came in with a bottle, Harvey immediately screamed at the top of his lungs—the same meow that had led to his rescue. Feeding such a demanding kitten was never fast enough.

Harvey was a wonderful eater and so grateful for his human companion.

He is the most vocal kitten in the houseMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

The kitten wants to be heard and is not shy of sharing his many opinions.

Watch Harvey the kitten in this cute video:

Talkative kitten Harveywww.youtube.com

With good care and food, he gained quite the chonky belly and his eyes were big and bright. It was then Harvey graduated into a proper kitten pen and unleashed his unbridled energy.

Harvey has grown by leaps and boundsMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

The little chatterbox has a lot to say and many requests to make daily. He desires to be the center of attention and to be catered to like a king.

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

After being introduced to other foster kittens, Harvey has remained the most vocal of all. While the other kittens greet their foster mom with head bonks and rubs, he comes running and clamoring for attention.

Harvey and his foster friend ButterscotchMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

After a rough first few weeks of his life, the sweet tabby has blossomed into a healthy, playful young cat who can carry a conversation.

Harvey already has a family lined up for him and will be heading to his forever home for the holidays.

Murphy’s Law Animal Rescue

From crying alone in a garden to now thriving as a spoiled indoor cat, Harvey lives extraordinarily to tell his tale.

Happy and lovedMurphy’s Law Animal Rescue

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