A Resilient Husky: A Tale of Survival Beneath the Train Tracks

Paws Show received a call from a train station employee reporting a dog stranded under the station bridge in poor condition. They claimed that this unfortunate pup has been here for 3 days (not sure). Despite being over 100 kilometers away and a 2-hour journey, they were there to help…

A sense of sadness surrounded this young man. He was hit by the train. He was a charming Husky man. He is going through a lot of hardships and may not be able to survive. So, we will do whatever it takes to save him.
We are on our way to the veterinarian. Surprisingly, he is an exceptionally nice man, not even letting the pain get to him. Now, what to do next, everything has happened… So the key is to focus on therapy.

He’s at the vet. Everything was worse than ever before. His spine was fractured. But the biggest problem now is that his intestinal invagination was squeezed, discovered in the ultrasound. This is a serious, potentially fatal condition in many cases. We call him Vova… Vova’s condition was deemed extremely problematic.

Yesterday, on the second day, Bova threw up twice after hearing that news. It made me shudder. I was really scared that the baby wouldn’t be able to handle it any longer.

After 20 days, he starts receiving physical therapy three times a week. The therapy sessions helped him to stand up, but he was still very weak and fragile.

Around 3 months later, 100 felt comfortable in the wheelchair for the first time. He was still extremely puzzled, realizing that nothing is more precious than being alive – this is the most valuable thing today. The baby was born again and will have a better life from now on. Thanks to everyone, thank you for helping this baby.

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