A Heartwarming Tale: A Kindhearted Duo Offers Hope to Abandoned Senior Canines

Chris and Mariesa Hughes, a dog-loving couple, have taken their passion for furry friends to a whole new level. In a remarkable act of kindness, they have recently welcomed 19 dogs into their home, offering them a fresh start in life. What’s even more remarkable is that the Hughes’ commitment goes beyond just providing a loving home; they are willing to cover the veterinary expenses of these pups, even if they find new forever homes.

With an impressive track record of rescuing over 600 senior and special needs dogs, Chris and Mariesa are dedicated to ensuring that every animal receives the finest care and love possible. Their selfless mission revolves around giving these four-legged family members a chance to experience a joyful life they may not have had before.

Their earnest efforts are focused on improving the lives of neglected beings, those abandoned and devoid of opportunities, who presently coexist with over twelve canines under one roof. They have meticulously prepared their abode to ensure a delightful existence for these furry companions. Additionally, Chris and Mariesa have jointly established a non-profit organization called the Mr. Mo Project. This remarkable initiative aids in the adoption of dogs, facilitating them in finding nurturing households, and financially supports their lifetime healthcare needs. It is worth mentioning that Chris, aged 34, originally hails from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, a town in the United Kingdom, but at the tender age of three, he relocated to the United States.

When Chris and Mariesa crossed paths, they both shared a profound love for dogs. With Chris already being a proud owner of six furry companions and Mariesa having two to call her own, their family expanded to a grand total of eight. But their passion for rescuing dogs didn’t end there.

Mariesa, who is now 40 years old, expressed to TeamDogs: “Since I was a young child, I’ve always had a deep desire to rescue dogs. I vividly remember rescuing my first stray dog from the streets when I was just nine years old. Chris shares the same unwavering devotion towards dogs.”

“At present, our focus lies in rescuing and finding suitable forever families for specially trained dogs.”
Even though the pair manages demanding jobs, they persist in their efforts to find affectionate households for these canines and cover their healthcare expenses.

The concept for the Mr. Mo initiative was sparked by the unfortunate passing of Chris’ beloved canine companion Moses. Moses, a senior Pitbull, had been surrendered to a shelter due to his advanced age. Despite this setback, Chris and his family provided a loving home for Moses for 22 months until he sadly succumbed to a spinal cord malignancy.

During Moses’ final months, it became apparent to Chris and his family just how costly it could be to care for an aging and ailing dog. Motivated by their experiences with Moses, they made a heartfelt decision to make a difference in the lives of other senior dogs. They understood that many wonderful homes were eager to provide love and care to these older canines, but often lacked the financial means to cover veterinary expenses.

In honor of Moses and their shared passion for senior dogs, Chris and his family committed themselves to the mission of finding homes for these special animals. They pledged to not only cover all veterinary costs but also to match these dogs with fantastic households that had plenty of love to offer but limited financial resources.

Through the Mr. Mo project, Chris and his family aim to ensure that senior dogs receive the care and attention they deserve, while also making it possible for them to experience the warmth and happiness of a forever home.

Chris and Mariesa receive numerous requests from shelters as they specialize in adopting a unique type of dogs. Their compassionate mission revolves around providing a loving home to sick and medically challenged canines, as well as those neglected due to their overwhelming medical expenses.
To support their noble cause, the couple tirelessly fundraises to ensure proper care for these dogs. In the past year alone, they allocated a staggering $700,000 (£508,536) towards veterinary services, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to the well-being of these furry companions.

According to Chris, shelters reach out to them and they gladly provide financial support and care for the dogs. They also make it their mission to find the perfect foster home where the dogs can live happily for the rest of their lives. Additionally, Chris emphasizes that they take responsibility for the dogs’ ongoing medical care.

In their home, the couple ensures that the dogs have a comfortable and joyful living environment. They have a spacious enclosed backyard where the dogs can freely roam and play. Each dog has their own designated kennel with their name on it. Moreover, they offer additional amenities such as a hydrotherapy treadmill and a laser treatment machine, which help improve the dogs’ joint health and heal wounds.

Chris highlights that all their dogs have specific needs, and having these resources readily available in their home proves to be more cost-effective.

“Feeding time at our dog sanctuary is always chaotic and lasts around half an hour. We have dogs who require hand feeding because they either lack teeth or have no bottom jaws. Some dogs also show aggression when it comes to food, and we have dogs with different dietary needs.
“Another unique aspect of our sanctuary is that we have some amazingly old dogs. We currently have a 22-year-old Chihuahua and a 20-year-old Pug, which is quite remarkable.
“Taking care of the 19 dogs we have is a challenging task. They come from various backgrounds, have different breeds, and suffer from different impairments. It can be tough at times, but it’s also rewarding to see the progress we’ve made and the love these deserving dogs receive in our care.
“However, there are also heart-wrenching moments when we are unable to save certain dogs. It’s a deeply emotional experience that affects us greatly. Additionally, maintaining cleanliness at the sanctuary is an ongoing struggle.
“At times, I’ve thought that we should stop taking in more dogs, but somehow, two more dogs ended up joining us unexpectedly. Witnessing the positive changes in these dogs makes all the effort and sadness worthwhile. This challenging work is truly our life’s passion.”
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0j1cj1ZLFk

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